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A platformer where falling down is the way to bounce back up.

Bricole is the only cria left with the ability to store energy while falling and release its spring-jump potential. They use this to scale the tallest mountain to jump off from and launch out into space so that they can feel safer alone from the monsters within.


The greater the fall, the higher they fly.

After their deep rest, dark things had already poisoned over the dying forests, causing life to vanish. Bricole seeks solitude to avoid all harm after losing their caretakers from the monster the world had created, but they discover good things along the way that conflicts with their beliefs.



One small change is enough for things to fall through.

Players will be falling off cliffs and bouncing back up to scale the lands of a mix of hand-drawn and low-poly style, presented in a VHS recording made by one person. Along the way, discover companions that offer their help with their unique abilities to find the path towards change.